Innovative fungal process

Through extensive research and development, we create sustainable and efficient bio-based fungal process for handing large- and small- scale industrial waste. We strive to create wealth from waste, by generating value added products from the industrial waste streams.

Technology transfer

Collaborating with research institutes, universities and industries around the globe, we help to move innovative waste management and clean technology processes from the research labs to industries. Creating the most productive research to business (R-to-B) model in Europe and rest of the world is what we envision.

Latest Updates

Funding for feasibility study

April 2017

Mycorena receives funding from Swedish government's venture capital arm, ALMI for the feasibility study of the project on spent wash- to- fungi process

Patent for Ascofeed

May 2017

A PCT patent application (PCT/IN2017/050206) was filed for the process of converting sugar industry waste to aquatic and animal feed components- branded as Ascofeed. Read more source information

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Sugarcane – sugar, ethanol, and what else?

October 2017

If you know any Brazilian, you probably might have heard about our “jeitinho”, i.e. our unique way of developing innovative solutions. Though “jeitinho” usually carries a negative...

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MoU with Growel feeds

November 2017

A memorandum of understanding agreement was signed with Growel feeds, for the farm trials and pilot testing of Mycorena-Ascofeed process and product